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Last year, members of the creative agency Artefact began discussing the history of photography in an effort to understand what development opportunities may lie in the future.

The culmination of this research is a fantastic concept, which, like most great ideas, seems perfectly obvious after you see it. Camera Futura uses a system Artefact have coined WIVL – Wireless Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens. This revolutionary idea splits the lens and body into two autonomous parts which can function either together, or split. By separating the two components the user can, for example, direct the lens at themselves whilst instantly viewing and refining the shot on the touchscreen interface. Once taken, the photograph can be adjusted and refined using customisable filters and tools before being instantly added to any desired online community. Be sure to watch the video of the concept in action.

Burning House

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I’ve been enjoying flipping through Foster Huntington’s “The Burning House”.

The premise is simple – what would you save if your house was burning? People take a photograph their favorite things, followed by a little description of themselves and their treasures.


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Blown away by Anish Kapoor’s amazing installation “Leviathan” for Monumenta – an annual exhibition within the beautiful Grand Palais in Paris.

Reminds me of the smaller scale Mirazozo recently inflated on the Sydney Opera House forecourt by Architects Of Air.

For those of you in Paris, Monumenta runs from from May 11 to June 12. via Designboom


Once Upon A Time

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“Once Upon A Time”, by the inspiring Gro design, is a series of timepiece concepts providing interesting alternatives to how we wear and interact with time. Certainly the most striking concept is the mesmerizing “Kaleidoscope” where “Three coloured gradients turn against each other to abstract time into an ever changing kaleidoscopic pattern.” Be sure to watch the hypnotic video above.

There are seven unique concepts in this study, below are some of my other favorites:

Wake-Up – a watch that transforms into an alarm clock

Timeline – Inspired by a car odometer displaying both Date & Time

Work & Play – A watch with two sides, one precise and exact, the other vague and relaxed