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Really like the work at Bombolandby illustrator Maurizio Santucci, particularly his impressive and beautiful paper cuts.

There is also an interesting video from his solo exhibition “BOMBO!” at Sieze Galerie in 2009 which shows the scale and detail of the pieces.

Cult Of Less

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Kelly Sutton has created Cult Of Less to document his attempt to own as little as possible – the goal being to reduce his belongings to two bags and two boxes by December 1st. Every possession has been documented in a diminishing list indicating the objects fate.

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

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What the fuck should you make for dinner?
Your indecisive self will be provided with some ideas.

Things Organized Neatly

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OCD readers take note of this blog devoted to its namesake.

Modernist Cuisine

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Mr. Verheul sent through this incredible video of the Intellectual Ventures (IV) kitchen / laboratory / workshop. Full to the brim with cutting edge, purpose built, cooking apparatus which are used to prepare food in groundbreaking new ways.
Ultrasonic Blender? Steam Griddle? I’m in.

Dr. Myhrvold and Chris Young (the person showing the camera around in the lab) are about to release “Modernist Cuisine” a 2400 page book devoted to the “Art & Science” of cooking with some of the most beautiful food photography I’ve ever seen. Get yours here.

Wipeout RC

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Nick sent through this amazing recreation of Wipeout designed by Malte Jehmlich. A modified RC car, complete with wireless camera, is controlled from a remote arcade machine while the car tears around the track fabricated from cardboard… although I think the car might benefit having an oval skid around the outside to minimise the clunking. Loads of information on their official site, unfortunately not in English.

Night Bright Tyre

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Night Bright Tyre is a concept in development for a LED embedded tyre aimed at maximising visibility of cyclists on the road. Activated by motion the numerous LED’s either illuminate or flash appearing as a continuous line when the bike is moving. Although the idea isn’t new I still really like the idea of Cyglo’s concept, its both more visible and less prone to theft. Interested to see how these are powered when the concept becomes reality.