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Founded by Swiss born Yves Béhar in 1999 Fuseproject has worked on a wide range of products from Lamps to Electric Motorcycles. Probably their most famous project is the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), a cheap, rugged, connected laptop for children in developing countries.

Extending their reach into these “Civic Projects” the studio recently completed the “Collección Escolar 2010” for the Mexican Government; a collection of customisable, corrective, free eyewear for students aged 6 – 18 years. The brief was to create durable, comfortable, cheap and customisable glasses in a format which would appeal to the students.

The solution was to split the glasses, creating a modular upper and lower half in a range of different shapes and  colours, moulded  from the incredibly tough and flexible Gilamid Plastic. This radical design not only allows the students to choose their shapes and colour, but also encapsulates the lens reducing costly assembly processes, drastically lowering the cost of each set. Very clever.

Although its been done before, be sure to check out their NYC Helmet, another Civic Project, this time for the City Of NY. For me, the image of the helmet being locked to the bike is the clincher.

Pen Pencil Stencil

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Pen Pencil Stencil is the studio of Designer Mark Giglio, who makes a gamut of beautiful wares in his own simplistic style… many of which are available in limited numbers from his online store. I really like his interpretation of traditional Japanese Kokeshi and the Forest of Woods, all crafted from scrap timbers. Still sore I missed out on the Drawn Together T. Grain Edit recently interviewed Mark at his inspiring Studio, some great photos accompany the visit.

Time Traveller?

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“Reopening of South Fork Bridge after the flood in November, 1940”

I’ve become fascinated with this article over on Forgetomori, discussing the photograph above from the Bralorne Pioneer Virtual Museum. The point of curiosity is the man in the sunglasses, who would look unassuming in our current day, but looks wildly out of place in this 1940’s photograph.

Back To The Futurama

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Artist Jeremy Dean recently exhibited the CEO Stagecoach at the Pulse Art Fair in NYC, part of his “Back To The Futurama” series. Dean reconfigured the Hummer H2 into a plush horse drawn cart, complete with soundsystem and lights for the exhibition, then took it for a stroll around Central Park. The series references “Hoover Carts” from the great depression; essentially horse drawn cars, created when the owners could no longer afford gasoline.

Amanda Wachob

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Some beautiful Tattoo’s here by Amanda Wachob, a trained and exhibiting artist who currently takes appointments at Dare Devil Tattoo, NYC. I particularily like her “abstract” tattoo’s (top three images). There are also some amazing works in the “modern” section such as the bird and flower just above. I can’t help thinking the watercolour style of these tattoo’s would age gracefully… unlike some.

Lun-Class Ekranoplan

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Massive cache of photos, presumably by Igor, of an amazing, decaying Soviet Ekranoplan – a ground effect vehicle somewhere between a plane and a boat that flies very close to to the Earths surface. The Soviets experimented with Ekranoplans during the Cold War up until the late 80’s, this one in particular appears to be the massive MD-160, a Lun-Class Ekranoplan 73m long, carrying six missile launchers!  There is some video footage of it here, cruising around and firing missiles.