Lytro Light Field

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Lytro have just released the worlds first consumer Light Field Camera, a revolutionary device which enables users to adjust the focal point of an image AFTER the photograph has been taken.

Once uploaded, these captured images, dubbed ‘Living Pictures’, become interactive photographs the user can explore, clicking on the image to select the focal plane. Try it by clicking the butterfly below.

Currently there are three cameras to choose from, a Red 16gb unit, or a Grey or Blue 8gb which will ship to the US in early 2012. Each camera has an 8X optical zoom with a constant f/2 aperture, but most importantly, no delay for auto-focus so the image can be instantly captured with the press of a button.

Lytro have made an interesting product here. The resolution of their Light Field sensor is actually quite low in a world of 10 megapixel cameras, however, by making the images interactive, the pictures are tied to screen resolution – Megapixels become a moot point. Personally, I’m really looking forward to a high resolution model. The ability to refocus an image to perfect that almost perfect (static) shot would be a photographers dream come true.

9 Eyes

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Found this enormous, fascinating collection of Google Street View images collated by artist Jon Rafman.  Each image provides a candid, unstaged glimpse of its surroundings in a startling variety of locations. Some are simply beautiful photos, some bizarre – from fields with Elephants to street scenes seemingly on the verge of riots or natural disaster. Jon gave an interesting synopsis of the work over on Art Fag City. via the ever reliable It’s Nice That

Modernist Cuisine

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Mr. Verheul sent through this incredible video of the Intellectual Ventures (IV) kitchen / laboratory / workshop. Full to the brim with cutting edge, purpose built, cooking apparatus which are used to prepare food in groundbreaking new ways.
Ultrasonic Blender? Steam Griddle? I’m in.

Dr. Myhrvold and Chris Young (the person showing the camera around in the lab) are about to release “Modernist Cuisine” a 2400 page book devoted to the “Art & Science” of cooking with some of the most beautiful food photography I’ve ever seen. Get yours here.

Lun-Class Ekranoplan

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Massive cache of photos, presumably by Igor, of an amazing, decaying Soviet Ekranoplan – a ground effect vehicle somewhere between a plane and a boat that flies very close to to the Earths surface. The Soviets experimented with Ekranoplans during the Cold War up until the late 80’s, this one in particular appears to be the massive MD-160, a Lun-Class Ekranoplan 73m long, carrying six missile launchers!  There is some video footage of it here, cruising around and firing missiles.

Marc’s House

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Spotted this interesting peek into Designer Marc Newsons abode on the Bernstein & Andriulli blog. Photographed by the prolific Henry Bourne, this article is a preview to a larger article in this months British Vogue